Clean Energy Heating Systems is a different kind of waste oil furnace manufacturer. We research, we test, we push the limits of technology and we build high-quality waste oil furnaces that will save you money.

Our waste oil furnaces are more innovative, more efficient and easier to service than any other. And they even heat up your bottom line by taking used oil products out of your waste stream and turning them into clean, safe, FREE heat for your business.

Best of all, thanks to each units ability to turn used motor oil, transmission fluid and other petroleum products into clean, safe heat - this waste oil furnace generates solid ROI while helping the environment.

In addition, all Clean Energy furnaces are engineered from the ground up to burn waste oils and comply with all EPA regulations. They’re built to install easily and allow for longer cleaning intervals, and their low-profile design and flexible configuration is ideal for areas with limited ceiling height and other creative installation requirements.

Best of all, every Clean Energy furnace is built with our unique, patent-pending, heat exchanger and flue tubes. This innovation ensures long-lasting durability and highly efficient operation for years to come.

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Our CE-180 Waste Oil Furnace is a strong performer in a small package. With up to 175,000 BTU’s of output coupled to an innovative design, it’s a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to heat garages, workshops and other small to medium-sized spaces.

Clean Energy Units


Our CE-250 Waste Oil Furnace is a strong, eco-friendly furnace that’s been designed to efficiently heat larger spaces. With up to 245,000 BTU’s of output and all of Clean Energy’s patent-pending design advances, it’s a powerful way to heat warehouses, garages and other large spaces that’s as eco-friendly as it is economical.


The Clean Energy Heating Systems CE-140 Waste Oil Furnace is an entry level waste oil heater that's perfect for smaller spaces. With up to 140,000 BTU's of heating output, coupled with our new design, it's a very cost-effective way to heat smaller spaces. 

Heating center

Clean Energy Heating Systems, are committed to making it easier than ever to heat your business with used motor oil, transmission fluid and other petroleum waste products. That’s why we’re proud to introduce the new Clean Energy Waste Oil Heating Center.

With a build-in tank and steel frame furnace mount, our Waste Oil Heating Center makes it easy to recycle oil and generate free heat for your business. Simply find a spot for the tank, mount the furnace, connect a chimney, and you’re ready to create clean, cost-effective heat.

Thanks to an easy-to-use drain pan funnel, adding waste oil to the tank is a breeze. And with a compact footprint it won’t eat up valuable floorspace in your facility.




The Clean Energy Heating Systems CE-330 Waste Oil Furnace is our largest heater, and is perfect for quickly and effectively heating large spaces. With up to 325,000 BTU’s of output coupled to our innovative new furnace design, the CE-330 is truly a hot performer.

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