"Up front, looks out for the best interest of the customer."  Chris S., Plainville

"Replaced a failed circulator and corroded pipe, drained system. Very professonal. Quality work." Paul S., South Easton

"We've been working with Don at ABR Mechanical for the last 5 years at  two different buildings.  We are very happy with the service!  When we moved to our new building Don helped us troubleshoot any issues in the building and always tried to repair things in the best way possible but with our budgetary constraints in mind. I cannot count the times that Don has "run" over to the school to help us out of a heating situation so that we wouldn't have to shut down or disrupt learning.  I would highly recommend Don and his team at ABR Mechanical!" - Lauren G., Chelsea

"We were most impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of the team you sent, Scott and Larry.  They were here at the time you said they’d be; by the time I arrived at 1015, they’d already removed the old heater and had the new one hung.  After bringing me up to speed, they continued their work non-stop until we all broke for lunch.  I never realized how involved a new heater installation would be until seeing them work, and their teamwork and efficiency cut down the time I’d have guessed the job should have taken.During lunch and through the afternoon, I read the owners’ manual they provided and came up with many questions, all of which they answered effortlessly as they fired up the heater for the first time and made the necessary adjustments for optimum performance.The heater raises the bay temperature far more quickly than the old one did, and regulates much more effectively as well.  And it’s even quieter than you said it would be.Thanks for a superb job!" - Wayne at Dave's Landscape 

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