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Great Reasons to Heat with Waste Oil  Furnace!

Profitability– Save Thousands of Dollars! Using the waste oil your shop generates can save your shop thousands of dollars in heating costs. Waste Oil Heating is efficient, environmentally friendly, and more cost effective than heating with #2 fuel oil, natural gas, propane, or electricity. If your business generates 500 or more gallons of used oil per year, then you will greatly benefit from these savings! 

Production – It’s been proven that a warmer shop can lead to better productivity from employees. Increased employee productivity leads to more employer profitability! 

Federal Tax Advantage – Section 179 of the IRS Tax Code allows businesses to deduct the purchase price of qualifying equipment purchased or financed between Jan 1st and Dec. 31st. Waste Oil Furnaces may be eligible as they are classified as a recycling product. Consult your CPA for a final determination. 

Cradle to Grave Liability 

Your liability for the proper disposal of used oil extends from the moment it drains into your oil pan, to when it is processed and burned. This includes accidental spills or intentional dumping by a used oil hauler – even though the used oil is no longer in your care. 

However, the US EPA exempts the generator from that liability when the used oil is recycled on site for energy. By burning used oil in accordance with the EPA, you eliminate liability while gaining an economical source of heat. 

Commercial Customers

Does your company produce waste oil? Did you know that you can use the waste oil you produce to heat your building for FREE

The Benefits of Heating with Waste Oil Furnace 

As energy prices climb, heating with waste oil is gaining popularity.  Not only does waste oil heat reduce heating bills, but you can utilize the used oil from your daily fluid changes. Waste oil heaters typically pay for themselves in as little as 36 months, and used automotive or transmission  fluids are all you need to save thousands of dollars each year, and a warmer shop leads to higher productivity.